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Driving and living comfort redefined!

Thanks to our Driver Single Cab equip­ment “LIVING” for Ford, Renault and Volvo, your truck beco­mes your second home. Finan­cing and instal­la­tion remain within accep­ta­ble dimen­si­ons thanks to subsi­dies from the De-mini­mis support program.

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Trucker dream luxury in the truck —
LIVING Driver Single Cab (WDR Lokalzeit Südwestfalen)
Tolle Ausstattung: Suche nach LKW-Fahrern beenden mit LIVING Driver Single Cab!

Constantly on the search for truck drivers? Not with LIVING

Comfort that can be driven!

Find new truck drivers

With the comfor­ta­bly furnis­hed LIVING area, you can successfully recruit moti­va­ted profes­sio­nal truck drivers for your company.

Avoid staff turnovers

By impro­ving the well-being of your employees with the compre­hen­sive equip­ment of LIVING, you will auto­ma­ti­cally be rewarded with their loyalty.

Save costs

Thanks to self-suffi­ci­ent supply opti­ons, such as a fully func­tional sink and a micro­wave, expen­sive motel stays can be avoided.

Increase safety

With its three came­ras, the upgradeable Safety Add-On enhan­ces the safety of your drivers in rest areas and parking lots.

Die beste Wahl: LIVING Driver Single Cab - Suche nach LKW-Fahrern beenden!

Increase the feel-good factor in the truck
and end the search for truck drivers

Goodbye driver shortage - welcome comfort!

The search for truck drivers is often chal­len­ging. The reason: tough working condi­ti­ons, lack of reco­gni­tion from the public and regu­lar weekend shifts have led to a serious shortage and high staff fluc­tua­tion.

Many drivers complain about

  • the poor work-life balance, because their work­place also serves as their home
  • being constantly on the road with little comfort in the trucks
  • long waiting times between trans­ports orders
  • the poor condi­tion of many sani­tary faci­li­ties at motor­way rest areas

If you want to over­come the shortage of profes­sio­nal drivers and easily find new truck drivers for your company, our LIVING — Driver Single Cab equip­ment offers the opti­mal solu­tion for you. The comfor­ta­bly furnis­hed cabin with its self-suffi­ci­ent hygiene faci­li­ties allows drivers to spend their stan­ding times and breaks in a comfor­ta­ble way, impro­ving your image as an employer.

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If you want to avoid the shortage of profes­sio­nal drivers and easily find new truck drivers for your forwar­ding agency, our LIVING — Driver Single Cab equip­ment ther­e­fore offers the opti­mal solu­tion for you.

The comfor­ta­bly furnis­hed cabin with its self-suffi­ci­ent hygiene faci­li­ties allows drivers to bridge their stand and break times in a comfor­ta­ble way and thus impro­ves your stan­ding as an employer.

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LIVING Driver Single Cab: Die Ausstattung, die hilft, die Suche nach LKW-Fahrern zu beenden!

Looking for dedicated truck drivers?

A comfortable home on the go!

Our expert advice for finding truck drivers: Do not hesi­tate to invest in the well-being of your employees and show your appre­cia­tion by provi­ding them with a cozy home on wheels.

The stan­dard equip­ment of our LIVING includes:

  • a lounge area with ambi­ent light­ing
  • a dining and cooking area with a micro­wave, refri­ge­ra­tor and coffee machine
  • a wash­stand with an inte­gra­ted freshwa­ter tank
  • and a folding table with lots of storage space

In the end, both sides win: Your drivers can enjoy a comfor­ta­ble truck with inde­pen­dent supply opti­ons, while you are rewarded with their satis­fac­tion and loyalty. Our expe­ri­ence shows that LIVING also attracts many new truck drivers to your company!

In the search for truck drivers,
the formula for success is

Powerful truck
+ 100 % lifestyle

When desig­ning our cabin and sear­ching for the right equip­ment, we focu­sed prima­rily on the ever­y­day needs and life­style of truck drivers – just like the motto LIVING implies.

The result is a spacious cabin that can easily keep up with any motor home thanks to high-quality mate­ri­als and a well-thought-out spatial concept.

Look forward to:

  • a high level of driving comfort with a feel-good climate
  • prac­ti­cal gadgets that make ever­y­day work easier
  • a modern and harmo­nious look
  • indi­vi­dual custo­miza­tion opti­ons, such as the choice of wood decor or uphols­tery


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Suche nach LKW-Fahrern beenden: LIVING Driver Single Cab und seine herausragende Ausstattung!

Successfully find and retain truck drivers in the long term

LIVING – A trucker's dream come true!

When looking for truck drivers these days, you have to offer them a lot due to the natio­nal shortage of skil­led workers. With our LIVING, that’s easy:

Just get up from the driver’s seat, put your feet up and, thanks to your own kitchenette and fully func­tional sink, you no longer must rely on unhe­althy road­house food or dirty sani­tary faci­li­ties. Who can say no to that?

Begehrte LIVING Driver Single Cab - Suche nach LKW-Fahrern beenden.

Additional upgrade options:

Digital Package
A card modem with 200 GB of monthly data allows rela­xing strea­ming evenings, while the inte­gra­ted Amazon ALEXA system ensu­res digi­tal comfort.
Safety Package
Our safety add-on provi­des the driver with full visi­bi­lity into what’s happe­ning in and around the truck at all times via three came­ras equip­ped with motion sensors and night vision.
The 600 W active subwoo­fer system provi­des rich sound and deep bass.

Daniel Stoldt

Do you care about your drivers?

Then let me advise you on the advan­ta­ges
of our LIVING — Driver Single Cab equip­ment!

In public

News about theLIVING - Driver Single Cab

Here you will find all the news and releases rela­ted to our LIVING — Driver Single Cab.

NUFAM 2023 • F‑Trucks Deutschland GmbH • Truck & Trailer Welt

At the Nufam 2023 in Karls­ruhe, the Truck Trai­ler team visi­ted, among others, the exhi­bi­tion stand of F‑Trucks Deutsch­land GmbH. Holger Hahn presen­ted two Ford trac­tor units, inclu­ding an F‑MAX 500 with the special equip­ment “Driver Single Cab Living” from Ford part­ner Diet­rich Trucks.

NUFAM 2023: F‑Trucks Germany draws positive conclusion

F‑Trucks Germany was repre­sen­ted for the first time with a booth and vehi­cles at this year’s NUFAM2023 from Septem­ber 21 to 24. A special trade fair high­light was an F‑Max 500 with the special equip­ment Driver Single Cab “Living” from the part­ner Diet­rich.

F‑Trucks Germany draws a positive conclusion from NUFAM 2023

For the first time, the gene­ral importer for Ford Trucks was present at the commer­cial vehicle trade fair NUFAM. A special high­light was an F‑MAX 500 equip­ped with the special feature ‘Driver Single Cab “Living“ ‘ from part­ner Diet­rich GmbH, which repres­ents a pionee­ring approach to addres­sing the gene­ral driver shortage.

F‑Trucks Germany at NUFAM for the first time

Four F‑MAX 500 semi-trucks will be presen­ted at the main entrance and at booth E113 in Hall 1. One of the exhi­bits is equip­ped with the exclu­sive eligi­ble special equip­ment #Living.
Ford LIVING - Driver Single Cab by Dietrich

NUFAM: Off to Karlsruhe

After the hiatus due to the pande­mic, NUFAM returns in person this year from Septem­ber 21 to 24. In addi­tion to the nume­rous exhi­bi­tors, a program will inform atten­dees about the latest deve­lo­p­ments.
Ford LIVING - Driver Single Cab by Dietrich

Ford Trucks Premieres at NUFAM

Inte­res­ted indi­vi­du­als can visit a Ford Trucks booth at the southern German commer­cial vehicle fair from Septem­ber 21 to 24. Visi­tors can, among other things, inspect an exhi­bit equip­ped with the “Living” special equip­ment.

Ford Trucks: Premiere for the F‑MAX LIVING

For the second time this year, F‑Trucks was repre­sen­ted at the Truck Grand Prix. And quite promin­ently at that. Two F‑MAX trucks were displayed at their own booth in the indus­trial park, inclu­ding one with the new “Living Driver Single Cab.”

F‑Trucks #together at the Truck Grand Prix

If the current Ford Trucks motto #toge­ther fits an event, it’s the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburg­ring! There’s no better place to find truck enthu­si­asts than at the annual high­light of the trucker scene in the Eifel.
Ford LIVING - Driver Single Cab by Dietrich

ADAC Truck Grand Prix: Ford Trucks Presents Itself with Partners

From July 13 to 16, more than 130,000 visi­tors gathe­red at the ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburg­ring. F‑Trucks Germany exhi­bi­ted two vehi­cles from the F‑Max model range on a 100-square-meter booth in the dealer and indus­trial fair, inclu­ding an F‑Max Living — Driver Single Cab.
Ford LIVING - Driver Single Cab by Dietrich

Messepark at the Truck Grand Prix — Premieres at the Ring

The commer­cial vehicle indus­try is no longer as scarce at the Truck Grand Prix as it was last year. Once again, Ford Trucks, or the Steg­maier Group as the distri­bu­tion orga­niza­tion, is making a state­ment in the fair­ground. Diet­rich Trucks is also part of it with the “Living Driving Single Cab” equip­ment, to be admi­red in a Ford F‑Max 500, among others.