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Truck-powered performance!

Wide selection of trucks
Our diverse range of rental vehi­cles includes light trans­por­ters, trac­tor units, and complete heavy-duty trucks.
Trucks with special features
Unlike our compe­ti­tors, we not only provide stan­dard vehi­cles but also offer rental opti­ons for vehi­cles with custo­mi­zed special features upon request.
Vehicles for every need
Our rental peri­ods are flexi­ble, allo­wing you to find the right vehicle whether you need it for an hour, a full day, or long-term rental.
Attractive prices
Whether you’re a private or commer­cial custo­mer, we offer rental vehi­cles at fair prices indi­vi­du­ally tail­o­red to your budget.

Markus Henkes

Do you have any questions about our rental trucks?

If you’re looking for a suita­ble truck to rent,
feel free to cont­act me with any ques­ti­ons.
I’ll be happy to provide detailed advice on our vehi­cles
and their respec­tive advan­ta­ges.

Markus Henkes aus dem Vertrieb neben einem Ford Truck von Dietrich.

Renting, driving, transporting – With our trucks, you're always a step ahead

Full throttle ahead!

Whether you’re looking for a suita­ble van for an upco­ming move, a light distri­bu­tion vehicle for your busi­ness, or a powerful truck with a matching trai­ler, you’ll always find a suita­ble rental vehicle with us.

We tailor the rental peri­ods to your indi­vi­dual needs, allo­wing you to use our vehi­cles for just a few hours or days, as well as for seve­ral weeks or long-term rental.

Simply let us know your requi­re­ments, and toge­ther we’ll find the opti­mal solu­tion and the perfect truck for your needs!

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Rent a tractor unit and pick up the pace

Get ready for the ride!

Renting a trac­tor unit can be helpful when:

  • You tempo­r­a­rily need an addi­tio­nal truck due to capa­city cons­traints.
  • Your order volume has increased suddenly.
  • Your vehicle body­work is not yet comple­ted.
  • You need to bridge the time until you receive your new vehicle.


  • You don’t curr­ently have the finan­cial means to purchase the urgen­tly needed vehicle imme­dia­tely.

This is where our unique “SALE & RENT BACK” offer comes into play. With this lucra­tive finan­cing model, we purchase the trac­tor unit for you, allo­wing you to rent it at a low cost with the option of purcha­sing it later, making it imme­dia­tely ready for use.

Rent Dietrich trucks and hit the road

Individual, flexible, tailor-made!

If you need a rental truck with special features, you can look forward to a diverse range of opti­ons with us. While most provi­ders only offer stan­dard vehi­cles for rent, we go a step further and consider the diffe­rent needs of our custo­mers when confi­gu­ring the vehi­cles.

We offer nume­rous modi­fi­ca­ti­ons:

    • Variety of body­works with or without cranes
    • Perso­na­li­zed rear, frame, and inte­rior paneling
    • Unique paint­work or bran­ding

From private custo­mers to commer­cial clients, we are well-equip­ped to meet all demands. We are always atten­tive to your problems and concerns, ensu­ring a custo­mi­zed vehicle confi­gu­ra­tion that meets your expec­ta­ti­ons.

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Rent tractor units and enjoy all-round service

Confidence in every situation!

We take care of the well-being of the trac­tor units – right from the start. With our compre­hen­sive service, we accom­pany you from the first inquiry to the regu­lar main­ten­ance of your rental vehicle, and even poten­tial purchase. Instead of going from one service provi­der to another, you have one relia­ble point of cont­act for all matters with us.

In our state-of-the-art work­shop, we rely on exper­tise and quality to keep your rented trac­tor unit in top shape. This allows you to fully concen­trate on your work and have the reassu­ring secu­rity of compe­tent assis­tance in case of any problems.

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