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Leistungsstarke LKWs von Ford Trucks
Entdecken Sie unsere Ford LKW - Leistungsstarke Nutzfahrzeuge für Ihr Business.

We are official Ford Trucks dealer

More than transportation – with Ford Trucks we take you to every destination!

Official dealer

Since March 2022 we have been autho­ri­zed to repre­sent Ford Trucks as one of the first dealers in Germany.

Comprehensive service

As your relia­ble cont­act, we provide expert guidance and support from sales to service and rental.

Demo- & rental vehicles

With our demo and rental vehi­cles, we offer you the oppor­tu­nity to test our trucks in advance

Buying & selling

Whether new or used vehi­cles, we are your relia­ble part­ner for buying and selling Ford trucks

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Unsere Ford LKW - Zuverlässige Arbeitstiere für jede Herausforderung.

We help Ford Trucks to establish a strong presence in the European market

Join us on the road to success!

In 2021, Ford Trucks began its Euro­pean expan­sion and gradu­ally conque­red the German market. We are very proud to be part of this mission as one of the first offi­cial dealers in Germany.

The focus is on the pres­ti­gious Ford F‑MAX model, which won the “Truck of the Year” award in 2019 as the most advan­ced trac­tor.

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The Ford F-MAX is much more than a truck

Big truck, big dreams!

The Ford Trucks F‑MAX attracts all atten­tion with its impo­sing design. The model impres­ses with its power, high-quality equip­ment and modern LED light­ing. Thanks to elec­tric stee­ring and shock-absor­bing suspen­sion, it also features a high level of driving comfort.

Look forward to powerful features:

  • Powerful perfor­mance with 500 horse­power even under heavy load
  • Envi­ron­men­tally friendly thanks to various driving modes
  • Relia­ble braking power of 440 kW
  • Econo­mical fuel consump­tion
  • Modern safety systems such as a lane depar­ture warning system and emer­gency braking assistant

Whether it’s design, comfort, tech­no­logy or engine perfor­mance, the Ford F‑MAX will posi­tively surprise you on every level and still main­tain excel­lent fuel effi­ci­ency even in the toug­hest road condi­ti­ons.

Entdecken Sie unsere Ford LKW - Robuste Transportlösungen für den professionellen Einsatz.
Unsere Ford LKW bieten höchste Leistungsfähigkeit für Ihr Gewerbe.

Test the Ford Trucks F-MAX now and drive one of our rental vehicles

No destination too far, no load too heavy!

To expe­ri­ence the high comfort and lucra­tive advan­ta­ges of the Ford Trucks F‑MAX first­hand, we offer you the oppor­tu­nity to take a test drive with our demo vehi­cles.

We are confi­dent that the F‑MAX will quickly capti­vate you and become your new loyal compa­n­ion on the road!

Long-term bene­fits include:

  • High effi­ci­ency and redu­ced fuel consump­tion
  • High-quality mate­ri­als and high-tech features
  • The Connec­Truck digi­tal service system

Compre­hen­sive main­ten­ance contracts and mini­mal down­time

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We are happy to be there for you.

Do you have ques­ti­ons about the F‑MAX or
Ford Trucks in gene­ral? I’m available to
provide my exper­tise at any time.

Uwe Dietrich neben einem Volvo Truck.

The Ford F-MAX is equipped with the latest technologies

The solution for your transportation needs!

The future-orien­ted Ford F‑MAX leaves nothing to be desi­red. At the cutting edge of tech­no­logy, it makes truckers’ ever­y­day work easier, while ensu­ring increased safety on the road.

  • These advan­ced features ensure more safety and driving plea­sure:
  • Connec­ti­vity: be connec­ted to the vehicle via app & have access to track­ing, consump­tion, etc.
  • Auto­ma­tic emer­gency braking func­tion
  • Relia­ble lane-keeping assistant
  • Forward-looking adap­tive cruise control


Feel free to cont­act us if you are inte­res­ted in the F‑MAX and we will provide you with detailed advice on the indi­vi­dual advan­ta­ges in a perso­nal conver­sa­tion. You can also find out more on the offi­cial Ford Trucks website.

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